Kelly Price-7One-on-One Yoga Therapy sessions are between 1 hour to 1.5 hours long. A minimum of 3 One-on-One sessions is recommended.

Your initial visit includes a thorough intake and assessment. Follow-up sessions are focused towards designing a home practice that addresses your personal needs and goals.

Sessions provide a safe, supportive container for you to progress toward improved health and well being. A session can incorporate a combination of physical postures, breath work, meditation and manual release through Thai Massage.

One-on-One sessions also include the opportunity for Somatic and Transpersonal counseling. Through grounded, embodied practices, we invite a deeper exploration of mental and emotional holding patterns and allow safe release of trauma that might be stored in the body.

Kelly is currently available for Home Visits on Gabriola and Vancouver Island. She is also available at The Haven Institute and by Skype. For more information, Connect with Kelly.

Custom Yoga Therapy for children or youth is available upon request.