Kelly Price-8Yoga Therapy is a self-empowering process that integrates the technical, therapeutic and spiritual applications of Yoga with an in-depth understanding of Western anatomy, physiology and body-mind Psychology, in order to stimulate, and maintain an optimum state of health.

Yoga Therapy sessions are personally tailored to address your individual needs, seeking to cultivate attitudes and actions that support the natural healing process, and to release attitudes and actions that do not. As a holistic approach to healing, Yoga Therapy recognizes the deep interconnectedness of your body, psyche and spirit. Creating awareness is the first step to cultivating change in your body and mind. Through deepened awareness and increased knowledge, you become empowered with the skills necessary to transform and heal your body, mind and spirit.


Techniques that may be offered during Yoga Therapy sessions include:

  • physical postures/stretches,
  • breath work,
  • meditation and mindfulness practices,
  • Thai Massage, and
  • exploration of emotional/mental states through dialogue and visualizations.

Yoga Therapy is beneficial for (and not limited to):

  • recovering from physical illness or injury,
  • relief from chronic physical pain and muscular tension
  • increasing strength, flexibility, and balance,
  • correcting structural and postural misalignments of the body
  • healing emotional traumas or holdings such as grief and depression,
  • working through trauma such as Post-Traumatic Stress,
  • relieving stress, anxiety, and fear,
  • cultivating healthier relationships (with oneself and others)
  • improving motivation and energy
  • feeling of deep relaxation and contentment