Kelly Price-3Upcoming Seasonal and Therapeutic Workshops:

Yoga Immersion – Spring
Embodying Vitality, Clarity & Creative Power
March 30th – April 2nd, 2018, The Haven

Yoga Immersion – Fall
Embodying Stability, Integrity & Inspiration
Oct 12th – Oct 15th, 2018, The Haven

Drawing on the wisdom of Tantra, Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda these seasonal yoga programs explore the connection between our body-mind and nature; and offer practices for attuning ourselves to the energies of Spring and Fall. Each program will focus on seasonal asana, breath work, meditation, embodied self-awareness & self-compassion, and insights into seasonal cleansing/nutrition.

Yoga For Recovery
Conscious Living Beyond Addiction
May 31st – June 3rd, 2018, The Haven

The Yoga for Recovery Immersion program offers a trauma-informed yoga approach, providing safe, powerful tools to strengthen the physical body, increase vitality, build mental and emotional resilience, balance the nervous system, and foster deeper self-compassion and spiritual connection.

We will focus on asana (physical postures), kriyas (sequences), pranayama (breathing) and meditation practices to centre, ground, strengthen, rejuvenate, and to guide participants into greater integrity, and an increased sense of agency, within their own body, mind and spirit.

This therapeutic yoga program is beneficial for (but not limited to) anyone in recovery from; substance or behavioural addiction, psychological trauma, post-traumatic stress, PTSD, anxiety or depression.

To register for these workshops please contact The Haven at 250 247 9211 ext 234 or

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