Tuesdays Oct 3rd – Nov 7th | 2017
380 Stephens Rd., Gabriola Island.
Pre-registration only | $108

6:15pm – 7:30pm

Drawing on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the mind-body techniques of restorative yoga, this session fuses long, deep holds to stimulate the energy body and to work deeply into the connective tissues, with restorative poses designed to reduce stress and support healing. We will focus on stimulating the lung and the large intestine meridians to prevent seasonal imbalances, while cultivating a grounded sense of well-being in the body, mind and spirit.

Please Note: Space is limited to 10 participants. Pre-registration is encouraged.

For more information and to register please contact me @kellypriceyoga@gmail.com

Thursdays –  Oct 5th – Nov 9th | 2017

380 Stephens Rd., Gabriola.
Pre-registration only | $108

6:15pm – 7:30pm

This series will focus on how the practice of yoga can address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges of addiction recovery. For fall, we will focus on seasonal asana, pranayama and meditation practices to centre, ground, nourish and rejuvenate you, and guide you to come into greater integrity in your own body, mind and spirit.

PLEASE NOTE: This therapeutic yoga program is beneficial for (but not limited to) anyone recovering from; substance abuse, co-dependancy,  eating disorders, psychological trauma, post traumatic stress, anxiety or depression.

Tuesday Oct 3rd – Thursday Nov 30th | 2017

The Haven, 240 Davis Rd., Gabriola.
Drop-in | $15+tax

Weekly Schedule available by request.

These seasonal classes are a fusion of Yin and Yang elements; blending a practice of slow, deep holds in order to stimulate the energy body and work deeply into the connective tissues, with a practice of grounding, stabilizing and warming flow sequences. For Fall, we will give special attention to stimulating the lung and large intestine meridians in order to prevent seasonal imbalances while cultivating strength, clarity, awareness, balance and energetic integrity.

Beginners Welcome.

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