Tuesdays, June 5th – July 10th | 2018
380 Stephens Rd., Gabriola Island.
Pre-registration only | $108

6:15pm – 7:30pm

Within the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, summer is a time to nourish your heart, small intestines, spleen, and pancreas. This Yin-Restorative practice is designed to attune your body, and mind to the abundant, firey spirit of summer. Our practices will focus on cooling restorative poses that support the work of the physical heart, and improve overall circulation, while opening the chest, lungs, and arms, which contain the meridian lines that connect to the organs.

Please Note: Space is limited to 10 participants.

For more information, and to register please contact me here

June 21st – August 31st | 2018

The Haven, 240 Davis Rd., Gabriola.
Pre-registration only | $15+tax

Sign-up is required (at Haven/by phone/text)
Weekly schedule updates available by request. 

Within Ayurveda, summer is the season of Pitta (Fire and Water elements), a time to play, relax and enjoy the outdoors, re-fueling ourselves with the energy of the sun. As we witness the energy of Pitta increasing in the natural world, we can also notice it increasing within our own bodies and minds as well. This seasonal series offers playful, fluid sequences and cooling, restorative postures, and breath work to balance the intensity of Pitta and to nourish the heart, lungs, small and large intestines and to improve overall blood flow and circulation.

Beginners are welcome.

For more information, or to sign-up for a class please contact me at: e. | p. 250.713.6082

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