Wednesdays, Jan 8th – Mar 11th, 2020

The Rollo Centre
, Gabriola Island
Pre-registration only | $180

5pm – 6:15pm

Drawing on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the mind-body techniques of restorative yoga, this session fuses long, deep holds to stimulate the energy body and to work deeply into the connective tissues, with restorative practices and poses designed to reduce stress and support healing.

We will focus on stimulating the Chi flow to the kidney and urinary bladder meridians to prevent seasonal imbalances, while cultivating mindfulness, and a grounded sense of well-being in body, mind and spirit.  This practice builds deep resilience, while fostering insight and inspiration as we journey through the darkest days of the year, and towards the renewal of spring

Please Note: Space is limited to 10 participants. Early registration is encouraged.

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