One of the most valuable teachings of seasonal yoga and Ayurveda, is the art of seasonal attunement; the practice of pausing, as we transition from one season to another, in order to identify, and prepare for the energetic shifts that are taking place.

Both Ayurveda, and Yoga view our human body-mind as a microcosm of the larger macrocosm, which means that the changes occurring in the external environment are understood to also, be occurring within us. In other words, we are not separate. Through paying attention, and engaging seasonal wisdom practices, we can begin to tap into a deeper rhythm within the cycles of nature, and cultivate our capacity to see, hear, and feel what is present, what is coming, and also what is needed for our health and well being.

The transition from winter into spring marks a significant energetic shift within the annual cycle. Like a tree that has drawn it’s energy inwards to its core, and downward towards its roots, the winter season is like a deep, dark well. It contains wisdom in its still and silent waters. This depth is associated with yin energy, the moon, the root and womb of all possibility. If we can receive it, winter offers us much needed gestation time, and the opportunity for deep restoration, and reflection as we slowly release the end of the year.

The Spring season on the other hand, is like a tree drawing on all the nourishment of it’s roots and it’s core, as it begins to move it’s energy upwards and outwards, towards the extremities, to bloom and grow. Spring is associated with yang energy, the sun, and the creative activation of possibility. It is a time for connecting to our true desires, consciously embodying our choices, and getting behind what wants to move through us. As the ground begins to thaw, the roots soften, and new life begins to emerge, we find ourselves inside this shift as well.

Ayurveda counsels that seasonal transitions are potent, and potentially stressful on the body, mind and emotions. It is wise, therefore to begin the transition into each new season, at the end of the previous one. As we emerge from winters dark tunnel, spring will welcome us, and pique our imaginations and longings again, dancing us forward into the fresh, new light. As we enter the yang cycle of spring, we will be called to ignite our inner fires, activate our vitality, and engage our creativity towards a new intention!

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